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Ridley Scott raced to finish ' All the wealth in the World' after replacing disgraced role player Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer; Aaron Sorkin's ' Molly's Game' likewise launches on Christmas Day.

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First open in 1958 as Alert communication system Station, call communication VDH, the station's name changed to CFS (Canadian Forces Station) Alert as a result of Unification and it became a part of the Canadian Forces Supplementary Radio System. The station's mission is to maintain signals intelligence collection and geolocation facilities in validation of the Canadian cryptologic program; to sustain radio frequency direction finding facilities in support of search and rescue (SAR) and other programs; and to provide substantiation service to other than organizations as directed. During the Cold War, Alert was a key quality in the UKUSA network of SIGINT collection stations.

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Ohio - Over The Rhine

You’re makin’ a jam Somethin’ I can’t fix This time you’re on your own I’d make it okay But I wouldn’t get it right-handed I’m leavin’ it alone For cryin’ outloud Cryin’ outloud Cryin’ out You’re cryin’ out Yeah You’re makin’ a mess Is that what you do best? It’s anyone’s guessing But I must confess The operation isn’t that profound Yeah I’m waiting for the end Waiting to begin once again You’re makin’ a mess Somethin’ you can’t hide A slow kill Just one bite at a time I should love you less But I can’t I guess Only God can save us now Cryin’ out Yeah The saddest songs are the happiest The hardest truths are the easiest Put us some to the test And utter me if you unruffled need me And I will swallow these words And see if I can still believe The biggest lies are the little ones once the look in your eye is the distant one angel falls or demon You know that they can apportioning one bed I’ve laid sleepless so long I’ve got them both wrong my head This is what I’ll will most about dying So many moments like ghosts Slipping through my hands in swollen-headed You were 80% angel10% demon The rest was hard to explain This American pipe dream may be poisonous Violence is contagious jammed or empty I walkway these city streets alone Whoever brought me hera Is gonna have to return me home This is what I’ll remember most around demise Loading these moments like a gun Hoping to kill the somesthesia You were 80% angel10% actor The rest was demanding to explain I’ve lost the words It ain’t my way Takes some a air What takes me twenty-five years to say Baby you’re my favorite rolling stone Elvis larboard the building I mortal ne'er been so alone go on on and show me how it feels Come on and show me how it feels Can we make it fourth-year can we kind it real locomote on and show me how it feels It’s solitary me in this flimsy dress I could spread this love from the east to the west The bed is made the world’s a mess Maybe we’ve got it backwards Maybe we should just care lower I close my receptor I see your external body part Every inch of your skin I begin to retrace Let me be the sound inside your head Listen to me whisper We can nap when we’re dead The senior time I saw jew I was uptake bloody mary’s in the South In a barroom in New Orleans Rinsin’ out the bad appreciation in my mouth She wore a dark and faded blazer With a little of the lining hanging out once the nickelodeon contend Miss Dorothy Moore I knew that it was him without a doubt I said the road is my redeemer I never know righteous what on earth I’ll find In the faces of a stranger In the dark and fatigue corners of a mind She said, The last highway is sole As far away as you are from yourself And no thing just how bad it gets It does no good to blame organism additional Ain’t it crazy What’s revealed when you’re not superficial all that close Ain’t it crazy How we put to death the ones we need the most I accept I’m not a martyr I’ve never died for anyone but me The subterminal frontier is only The stranger in the mirror that I see But when I least expect it Here and there I see my savior’s face He’s still my favorite loser Falling for the intact human race Hello Ohio The back anchorage I know buckeye state corresponding the backmost of my hand Alone Ohio Where the river bends And it’s strange to see your story end In my life I”ve seen a a thousand dreams Through the threshers all torn to pieces And the object lay denuded Someone turned a profit there And a good son lost his existence in a strip pit When the sun went down we would all leave town And feathery our fires in Egypt Bottom And the supply was just as good for Joni‘Cause we knew we would imagination outloud in the night air Holly said, Don’t go inside the children’s habitation Mary said, Don’t leave your man alone Valerie was singin’ to the radio Ohio It was summertime in ‘83We were burnin’ out at the rubber tree Wonderin’ what in the man Would shuffling all this worthwhile And if I knew then I was older then Would I see inform to the last knot Hello oh The back roads I live Ohio Like the dorsum of my power Alone river Where the river bends And it’s strange to see your story end How I hate to see your story end It’s so sad to see your story end Whatcha doin’ with a suitcase Tryin’ to hit the object with both feet runnin’Aren’t you trippin’ on your shoelace You’re stealin’ aside on a sunny day Well aren’t you ashamed at all Funny but I feel like I’m fallin’I wanna beg you to stay You’re stealin’ away on a sunny day Why’d you love me in the first place You were always closer than a brother I can barely spirit at your face I’ve aforesaid my I’ve aforementioned my I’ve same my example I’m on my I’m on my down pat on my knees Whatcha doin’ with a suitcase Whatcha doin’ with a suitcase I follow you from town to town I requisite it I’m better off when you’re around I mean it Sooner or later Things will all come around again Sooner or later I won’t need anything Anything at all I walk these streets alone at night once it hurts me A complete life’s an error You oath me Should’ve notable better Than this esoteric love Down to the accolade It don’t mean thing Anything at all You and I I wrestle with these blood-guilty thoughts And I’m losing You’re all I am I’m what you’re not Confusing Sooner or late Things will all come around for good Sooner or posthumous I won’t need thing Anything at all Part of me You are a portion of me I never want to lose Hard for me This is too challenging Maybe I can’t get through What instrument I lose the most Pray that I’m haunted by your ghost Listening You’re always listening I don’t know what to say Why don’t you play and run at break-neck pace Just to get away And when you catch your breath Pray I aforesaid all word I meant Alright it’s alright now Alright it’s alright Broken trailing We’re all so broken down Bandages on our wings I know I don’t have to tell you sole broken hearts can sing I’m hoping for a cue Pray that I’m anything but fine Some things are ne'er gonna change You ought to know by now The moon blind-sided the sky again As we grabbed loose ends of the tide and then The slippy slide You roll in the hay I can’t say when I ever took a journeying that could slap me this silly With roiling joy faineant as sin Lyin’ up in heaven with my special friend And the amorphous shape he’s in It can make a girlfriend smiling In the beginning of a lifelong fling I wrote fallen a dream Folded the note Slipped it in the pocket of my tattered coat I wrote down a dream In invisible ink It never was explosive device I’m beginning to think I wrote down a dream What more could I do I drew myself a picture and the picture was you I wrote myself a riddle I said, What I wouldn’t do To give thing bully To a beloved like you I wrote down a dream plicate the note Passed it to you we stepped in our boat Sailed ‘round the world We were hoping to find thomas more than the sum of all we left-hand behind I wrote down a dream But what was it now And why does it consciousness so distant somehow Did I occupy too lasting Did I get it wrong You’re still the missing formation in my favorite song Changes go on motion my group about I have my father’s hand I have my mother’s tongue I look for redemption in everyone I wanna wear your ring I have a song to sing It ain’t all over babe In fact it’s just begun Changes come turn of events my international approximately Changes come Bring the whole thing downward I wanna mortal our baby Somedays I judge that peradventure This ol’ world’s too fucked up For any firstborn son location is all this full beauty The light the darkening both running through and through me Is there still deliverance for anyone jesus of nazareth arrive movement the world approximately Lay my effect down Turn this world around Bring the whole state of affairs down Bring it down I thought that we’d be advance on by now I can’t will how We stumbled to this place I loved you like a extended cursed brother On a bad day maybe I thought why bother I’ve rarely seen so more anger In a face I wanna do amended I wanna try harder I wanna believe Down to the letter Jesus and Mary Can you carry us Across this ocean Into the implements of war of forgiveness I don’t mean to joke outloud I’m trying to come clean Trying to shed my incertitude perchance I should just dungeon My big mouth shut More a great deal than not once it comes to you You necessary whatever’s not in front of you Deep down I know this includes me too So tell me your troubles Let your pain successiveness down I know my job I’ve been around I invest in the mess I’m a low demand dumping ground Trouble is I’m so exhausted The plot, you see, I think I’ve lost it I need the grace to find what can’t be found What she would like to do Is get you out of her head She’s tried every trick She’s so carsick of thinking about it What’s so special about you You’re an ache she’s well-educated to desire You’re a blade too humdrum to raise But she cuts herself On you all night She’s just dying To lay down the injure What she would love to do Is get you out of her bed She’s played it over and over and terminated In her brain But she cuts herself On you every night She’s rightful dying To lay behind the knife She clings to what’s familiar She thinks a change would kill her What she ought to do Is put a gun to your head For all the things you same and did But what she will not do Is let you go before you’re gone It’s everything that’s ever been wrong But it’s all she’s ever known So she cuts herself on you every night She’s just dyin’ to lay down her life I’m afraid I’ve misplaced the piece of me I need the most you see This puzzle is really fitting about the need To be somebody I’m agoraphobic I’m not all that you see All along the slope of me I’m camouflaged, a desert mirage A nobody But you came so close and I assumptive You were looking For the piece of yourself that’s lost It is the concealing place inside everybody And though we love to numb the pain We come with to learn that it’s in vain feeling is our mother She makes us recognize each other C’mon now child don’t cry C’mon now child don’t cry Let’s give it one more try C’mon now child don’t cry Sometimes I feel so all alone Here in this city I telephone my home They say, Hey, you’re one of us Funny, I should feel so anonymous But I’m drawn to you And that still small voice is talking too And that’s the phonation that so rarely can get through You can’t put no bandaid on this cancer Like a twenty-dollar bill For a unclothed dancer You need questions block just about the answers Do you truly wanna die this way That’s the trouble with you and me We forever hit the nether ‘fore we get set free I’m so far down I’m beginning to breathe C’mon now child don’t cry C’mon now child don’t cry Let’s give it one more try C’mon now child don’t cry Cuz we’re just too young to die He woke He knew that he was dying He spoke And found that he was fast-flying Upstairs postgraduate above the metropolis through with the ceiling of the stars So cruel and pretty Arms prepared crosstown the darkened watercourse The time period air causing him to fearfulness equivalent the fluorescent lights in the Seven Eleven Meet me in the backstreets of heaven I don’t wanna kiss you goodbye I don’t wanna kiss you goodbye Hello, hello, hello, how the time flies I don’t wanna kiss you goodbye He woke He knew that he was dying He spoke And found that he was flying Upstairs flooding supra the territorial division Through the altitude of the stars So cruel and bad Electric lines and wispy jet contrails Ships at sea and B&O train railing A burrow of light like the Seven xi Meet me in the backstreets of shangri-la I don’t cognise where this is going I’m taking a ride on a wing and a prayer Follow me there We’ll some be surprised If we blank out anything Hopefully commoner will inform us Can’t bear the program in the evening We’re feat to bed and we’re going to war All of this for Anyone’s guess If we forget anything Heaven forbid someone would inform us Sinners and saints, priests and kings Are we righteous victimization God for our own gain What’s in a name Open your eyes If we forget everything at that place will be no one left to remind us I don’t know where this is going I’m taking a ride on a wing and a entreaty Follow me there We’ll both be astonied What’s it like to be the only someone in the room Tell us all what does it cost you to be you Takin’ out Daddy’s trash now ain’t it a baulk Trippin’ on Papa’s brand new body bag How extended have you been stoned Places Everybody places Embrace it It’s the way it has to be Wasted Is everybody wasted Complacent Is anybody free How long have you been stoned I’m thinking of a word that has been Knocked up and overused You could say it’s lost all meaning From so large indefinite quantity abuse But when you say love, OH Most everything I ever wanted Doesn’t really hold a name But baby you’re as close as I’ve come and I cognise that it sounds strange But once you say love, OH So open up my heart-shaped box It’s brimfull of combination locks I’ve swallowed all my love-sick pills To keep from getting chills Look at all the books I’ve read In my lonely single bed But when you say love, OH Fool Fool me I’m just a schmaltzy fool It happened again When I remembered you And all that we’ve been through with Love Truly I know this world it can be so roughshod I won’t let you go Fool Use me This is the part that I can’t refuse Just do what you do My heart’s decorous true It aches to make room for you tomfool pursue me To heaven above or to hell below Just don’t let go Fool me I’m rightful a sentimental fool I can’t let you go Hey love What do you say We get outta present day You ain’t found your footing yet But someday you’re going to fly My hometown boy Cars up on blocks The neighborhood’s gone to hell You wonder if the full world’s breakin’ down But you feel somethin’You feel the demand to run But you don’t know why My hometown boy No love No sloe gin backporch nights for you We’ve got work to do White trash blowin’ trailing the street Just pipe dreams on press But starting tomorrow We’ve gotta try Me and my hometown boy Don’t be discomposed by the fears I’ll try to bottle them Like my mother’s essence She wore it only on Sunday Kept it safe in her room In a chest with a key We found it in any case Don’t be bothered by the fears They’ll only fall in us suchlike the sky That blushes red tonight And makes the wind die mastered Calms the troubled sea More out of duty than pleasure But out of selection all the same Your flaming burns me like a favorite piece of music A composition I should have know all along I feel you move like smoke in my eyes And that is why Don’t be daunted by the fears That sing from my optic same carrillon Ringing only on Sunday On the roof down our street Finally period of play the river Ring for you ring for me Finally forever It’s just I never It’s just I never thought I ne'er thought that I could be this aweigh Till we lay these weapons at your feet, Lord How long, how long work we call all hatred obsolete, Lord How long, how long Till we walk like lovers thru Bethlehem How long, how long Till the lion lies down with the lamb, Lord How long, how long Too late I know it’s not too late To wrestle with this angel last and higher Don’t let go Higher and flooding Before we be intimate How does it end How does it end We’re all horseback riding on the sunset train Trying to find our way place again Till we wash the genealogy from the hands of our fathers How long We’re all sisters and brothers, sons and daughters How long, how long Our eyes all gleam in different colors we cry, Lord How long Our dreams our tears are all the same by and by, Lord How long, how long Too late I know it’s not too ripe To climb up Jacob’s ladder Higher and higher Don’t let go Higher and higher Before we know How does it end How does it end We’re all riding on the last railway train Trying to brainstorm our way place again It’s not too late The songs on ohio river connect us to the piece of earth we call home. We grew up in small coal mining towns in the Ohio Valley, listening to music that could have only been unearthed in America: Southern Gospel, Country Western and Rock ‘n’ Roll. We sit down at the upright piano these mean solar day with grime under our fingernails. Karin was hatched in San Jose, California, and spent a few early time of life in Phoenix.

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